Could your IT Crown Jewels withstand a Ransomware attack?

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, and government is seen as a valuable target. According to the latest ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report, reported ransomware attacks increased 15%, with more than one attack reported every day.

The threats are becoming more sophisticated, with threat actors politically and financially motivated to conduct advanced persistent attacks on government digital platforms. The objective is no longer just exfiltration but to disrupt an agency’s operations and it’s delivery of service – holding both the agency and our citizens to ransom. All agencies are at risk, even those without sensitive data. All an attacker needs to do is stop you from operating your critical IT infrastructure.

An attack can lie undetected for weeks, even months, encrypting your backups so that your resilience – your ability to quickly recover – is also compromised.

That’s why Macquarie Government has partnered with Dell Technologies to provide a cyber resilience solution – Data Vault. Using high performance storage secured behind multiple levels of physical and logical protection, Data Vault lets you backup your critical apps and data – your IT Crown Jewels – with the confidence that your data is isolated and immutable.

Data Vault also helps you proactively detect and respond to threats. Backup datasets are analysed to identify corruption and other anomalies indicating a ransomware attack is in progress. Alerts and forensic reports let you pinpoint affected data, end-points and user accounts.

Data Vault helps Government Agencies uplift their cybersecurity resilience

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