Australia’s first purpose-built secure cloud exchange for government.

Secure Cloud Exchange provides secure dedicated links to Public Cloud services like Office 365, AWS and Azure without compromising agency speed and performance. A dedicated path for accessing multiple clouds means you achieve high throughput and consistency of performance, always, which coupled with security layer ensures your data is safe while you navigate through different cloud networks.

Security operations centre

Monitored by our Security Operations Centre (SOC).

To help maintain your ISM compliance our Security Operations Centre (SOC) monitors the Secure Cloud Exchange service for anomalies, mitigates threats and retains an audit trail.

Staffed by Government cleared, specialised security engineers, our SOC manages and responds to a wide range of individual security events –using big data analytics to identify patterns and isolate threats.

We’ll correlate all security events that look sinister in nature (by showing ‘attack’ characteristics) and keep an eye out for any sign of a stealth attack.

Why our Secure Cloud Exchange is right for your agency.

  • Macquarie Government secure cloud exchange is easily managed through your centralised control panel

    Easier to keep control.

    Centralises access to your cloud services. Maintains your ISM compliance and governance.

  • Macquarie Government secure cloud exchange means you have a scaleable secure cloud that has the bandwidth you need when you need it

    Faster to scale (10MB to 10Gb).

    It's easy to dial up additional bandwidth when you need it.

  • Macquarie Government secure cloud exchange offers the best cloud experience for Australian government agencies

    Guaranteed throughput.

    Give your users a high quality cloud experience.

Macquarie Government secure cloud exchange can help your government agency move to a more secure cloud

Safeguarding the environment.

Customer story: How we helped the Department of the Environment migrate to a more secure cloud.

Traditionally, organisations that use Microsoft public cloud services access them through the (very) public Internet, or through encrypted links which bypass secure internet gateways. And that can be very problematic for maintaining security compliance and detecting malicious cyber threats….

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Easy to buy. Easy to use. Easy to scale.

  • Macquarie Government works with government panels to deploy secure cloud exchange

    Government panels.

    It's simple to buy from us through existing procurement frameworks and contracts.

  • Macquarie Government secure cloud exchange has ISM compliance

    ISM compliance.

    Leverage our SIG ISM governance and compliance, making public cloud safe.

  • Macquarie Government secure cloud exchange is fast and scaleable

    As fast as you need it.

    ISM compliant connected. Up to 10Gb. We're ready to scale when you are.

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