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Australian government procurement panels. Sorted.

So we’ve made your life easy by ensuring you can purchase through existing procurement panels and contracts.

This allows you to move from evaluation to operational level. Fast.

Leveraging these panels allows you to procure Macquarie Government services without the need for running your own RFT, as the value for money assessment has been completed. This allows you to use legal agreements already negotiated and in use by other agencies.

  • 1

    Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Cloud Marketplace

  • 2

    Secure Internet Gateway services under either the DAWE or ATO head agreements

  • 3

    DTA Data Centre Facilities panel (No. 2) for new colocation needs in Canberra (Intellicentres 4 & 5), or Sydney (Intellicentres 1, 2 and 3)

  • 4

    DTA Telecommunications Marketplace (TMP) for new data network and internet services orders

  • 5

    DTA Telecommunications Marketplace (TMP) for mobile voice, mobile data and MDM

  • 6

    CAUDIT Approved Strategic Procurement Vendor (Australian universities)

  • 7

    NSW Government Procure IT – for secure cloud, ASD certified secure internet gateways, and telecommunications

  • 8

    GovDC (NSW) Marketplace Secure Cloud and Cyber Security Provider

  • 9

    NSW Government Protective Security Policy Framework Zone 3 Colocation Services Panel

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