Our Security Operations Centre is always watching.

What’s inside our SOC?

Staffed by Government cleared, specialised security engineers, our SOC manages and responds to a wide range of individual security events – using big data analytics to identify patterns and isolate threats.

We’ll correlate all security events that look sinister in nature (by showing ‘attack’ characteristics) and keep an eye out for any sign of a stealth attack.

Security operations centre

We're at the heart of it all.

Something as simple as a legitimate user entering a wrong password can often trigger a reaction as if it were an attack.

Our intelligent systems help eliminate false positives, and our tools can be automated to take action immediately.

Our SOC is also deeply engaged with national and international cyber security bodies, such as the ASD and the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), and security vendors around the world – we are aware of the latest intelligence.

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