What is SIEMaaS?

A SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) is a software platform that collects and stores security and event information from on-premises and cloud systems to provide a single console for cyber security threat monitoring, incident management, forensics, reporting, risk management and compliance.

Modern SIEM platforms offer real-time monitoring, machine learning, advanced threat detection and user / entity behavioural analytics capabilities to improve security operations, threat detection and remediation.

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Macquarie Government SIEMaaS benefits.

Macquarie Government’s SIEMaaS is a subscription service for Australian governments. The service offers Splunk Enterprise and its ecosystem of data transformation solutions hosted within Macquarie Government’s secure, local and sovereign cloud environment.

Monitor all security platforms on a single pane of glass
Simplified forensics
Correlate anomalous behaviour automatically
Advanced threat detection
Consistent, reliable and planned activity
Security staff augmentation

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How SIEM works.

How SIEM works? - Diagram | Macquarie Government

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