What is secure email?

Secure email solutions are designed to stop malicious emails entering your companies’ email server. Such malicious emails include malware, ransomware and phishing, as well as general spam. And how it works is the secure email solution quarantines emails that it believes might compromise your organisation.

Control the most common entry point for cyber attacks.

Secure email.
Sophisticated filtering
Advanced malware protection

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    Graymail detection and safe unsubscribe.

    • Manage newsletters, mailing list subscriptions and social media.
    • Identify graymail using the integrated graymail engine and apply appropriate policy controls.
    • Inbuilt unsubscribe service protects you from malicious unsubscribe links in emails.
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    Secure & multi-purpose internet mail extensions.

    • Send and receive secure, verified email messages.
    • If messages are encrypted, only the intended recipients can open the encrypted messages.
    • Sign, encrypt, or sign and encrypt messages and decrypt, verify, or decrypt and verify messages.
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    URL-related protections and controls.

    • Control and protection against malicious and undesirable links as part of the  anti-spam, outbreak, content, and message filtering processes.
    • Take action based on the Web Based Reputation Score (WBRS) of URLs in messages.
    • URL categories (for example, adult content or illegal activities) can be used with content and message filters to enforce acceptable use policies.
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    • Scheduled or on-demand reporting capabilities
    • Content filters
    • Data Leak Prevention (DLP)
    • Incident summary
    • Executive summary
    • Incoming & outgoing mail summary
    • Internal users summary
    • Sender groups
    • Outbreak filters

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