Breach Attack Simulation.

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    Test your cyber defences against the most likely threats.

    Macquarie Government have partnered with Mandiant to offer continuous and automated testing of your entire cybersecurity capability – policies, processes and technology.

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    Real attacks, safely tested.

    Use actual TTPs – with the sting removed – to identify gaps, misconfigurations and optimization opportunities across your agency’s entire IT infrastructure, including the cloud.

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    Prioritize against the threats that matter.

    Take a data-driven approach to prioritize your risk optimization strategy based on the threats which matter most to your agency.

How it works.

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    Priority threats are selected from Mandiant’s database of threat actors and their TTPs.

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    Using Mandiant Director, attacks are deployed anywhere in your environment it is allowed to access.

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    The response of your controls is logged, analysed and reported. correlations can be established with your SIEM to provide enough information to develop detections where gaps are identified.

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    Reports are provided monthly with a quarterly review session.

Driven by the world’s best Cyber Threat Intel (CTI) from Mandiant, optimised for Australian Government by Macquarie Government.

  • Mandiant


    • 15000 network sensors.
    • 18 million endpoints.
    • Tens of millions of malware detonated per hour.
    • 65 million emails processed/day.
    • 200K hours responding to attacks per year.
    • Adversary intelligence on 23 countries by over 180 analysts and researchers.
  • Macquarie Government

    • 42% of federal government internet protected.
    • 5 billion events ingested and analysed daily.
    • Over 500 thousand attacks blocked daily.
    • Over 4000 threat playbooks developed specifically for Australian Government agency security environments.
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