Secure public cloud. Done.

These days nothing stands still for long in government. Growing demand for new online services requires government agencies to be innovative and flexible, while staying secure. The Department of the Environment was no different.

A changing environment.


The Department of the Environment (The Department) were looking to make life easier for their users and customers by simplifying access to information – while not compromising their mandated levels of security, especially while using the Internet. One such innovation was their Cloud Foundation project, which enabled The Department to access services from different kinds of cloud service providers.

Traditionally, organisations that use Microsoft public cloud services access them through the (very) public Internet, or through encrypted links that bypass secure internet gateways. And that can be very problematic for maintaining security compliance and detecting malicious cyber threats.


The no compromise solution. 


Enter Nick from Macquarie Government, The Department’s Secure Internet Gateway provider. Within 3 weeks, Nick and his team created a solution for The Department based on our Secure Cloud Exchange. This purpose-built service allows government agencies to connect to Microsoft Office365, Azure or AWS public cloud services without compromising security compliance or user experience – through dedicated  links with guaranteed bandwidth.

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“I didn’t want to compromise on our cyber security posture as we adopted public cloud services. We trusted Macquarie Government to securely connect the department so we can concentrate on innovation and delivery”.

Claire Howlett
CIO, Department of the Environment

Macquarie Government works with private and public cloud in our Secure Cloud Exchange

We're always watching.

To beef up security and maintain ISM compliance, our Security Operations Centre (SOC) monitors the service for anomalies, mitigates threats and retains an audit trail. Plus The Department can dial up more bandwidth as and when they need it.

The result? Communication that’s as adaptable as it is secure.

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