Our Secure Internet Gateway. Your first line of defence.

Not only are we the leading provider of secure internet services to the Australian Government, we’ve grown an experienced team containing some of Australia’s leading cyber security experts.

Security Architect

It’s a big responsibility. One that Matt and our Aussie team are proud to take on.


Sydney Matt, Security Architect - Secure Internet Gateway | Macquarie Government

Secure Internet Gateway made easy.

  • Built for Canberra, in Canberra.

    We built our Secure Internet Gateway inside our own secure Canberra data centre, with a fully redundant gateway in Sydney.

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  • 24/7 monitoring and analysis.

    We never sleep. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) monitors your network to protect you from cyber threats with the support of 200+ engineers security cleared to government standards.

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  • Procurement made easy.

    It's easy to purchase Secure Internet Gateway services. We know government and have all relevant contract frameworks in place.

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It's more than a firewall....

Protecting computer systems against attack takes more than implementing a few simple security solutions. When facing threats such as ransomware, phishing, malware and DDOS attacks you need an integrated security system with real-time monitoring and analytics. Our SIG and SOC are custom-built to protect the Australian government from these threats.

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    We have a strong focus on Australian government. So we tune our security services for your agency.

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    One mistake can be critical. Security awareness and discipline are at our core.

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    We've invested tens of millions of dollars to build the right technology for Australian government, including our purpose built Canberra data centre.

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    We've baked the ASD Information Security Manual (ISM) and global standards such as ISO27001 into everything we do.

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    We have 200+ engineers security cleared to government standards who have deep engagement with the national and international cyber security community.

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    If our years of experience tell us one thing, it's that you need to continue to innovate to stay ahead of emerging threats.

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We built to deliver ASD Top 35 Compliance and more.

The Australian Government has strong standards in place for cybersecurity, and we’re proud to ensure this is firmly incorporated into all the work we do with agencies. What we bring is more than just compliance, however. We allow agencies to work safely in the cloud to enable secure collaboration and digital transformation.


SIG includes a rich set of secure gateway services.

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Secure remote access
Managed firewall.

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