Why our Unclassified cloud is right for your agency.

  • Macquarie Government has multiple data centres to run secure unclassified cloud across Australia for your government agency

    Multiple availability zones.

    You want the highest level of assurance to run your apps. We have availability zones across three data centres right here in Australia.

  • Macquarie Government offer scaleable unclassified secure unclassified cloud for various government agencies

    Easy to scale.

    Our Unclassified cloud allows you to spin up additional VMs in real time.

  • Macquarie Government offer SOCaaS Australia wide

    100% Australian.

    All the data you entrust with us is stored right here in Australia and is not subject to foreign jurisdiction.

Solutions made simple.

  • 1

    Backup as a Service.

    Our Backup as a Service is cost-effective. It’s efficient. And it’s scalable. And as a disk based cloud backup solution, it’s flexible enough to work for you 24/7 all year round.

  • 2

    Disaster Recovery.

    We continuously replicate your critical applications; from your primary site to our cloud. Web, Application, Databases, they’re all potential candidates.

Easy to buy. Easy to deploy. Easy to use.

  • Macquarie Government works with government panels to deploy secure unclassified cloud for government agencies

    Government panels.

    It's simple to buy from us through existing procurement frameworks and contracts.

  • Macquarie Government works with government panels to deploy secure unclassified cloud using VMWare cloud for Australian government agencies and government departments

    VMware cloud automation.

    You use VMWare. We use VMWare. You already know how to use our cloud.

  • Macquarie Government have over 100 NV1 cleared engineers ready to work on building secure unclassified cloud for your government agency

    Local support.

    Our-security cleared engineers are here for you. Highly trained, proudly local.

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Macquarie Government secure cloud exchange to manage private and public clouds for government secure cloud

Australia’s first purpose-built secure cloud exchange for government.

Secure Cloud Exchange provides secure dedicated links to Public Cloud services like Office 365, AWS and Azure without compromising agency speed and performance. A dedicated path for accessing multiple clouds means you achieve high throughput and consistency of performance, always, which coupled with security layer ensures your data is safe while you navigate through different cloud networks.