Our Canberra data centre is intelligent inside. And out.

Macquarie Government has Intellicentre 4 a Canberra data centre which was built for government agencies designed by world leading data centre designers

Grows when you do.

IC4 is built to ensure the digital transformation of government becomes a reality. It offers fast, easy expansion with a range of growth options.

You can scale up (or down) for space, power and cooling – for today, and for the future. From as little as a rack to an entire data hall.

We’re currently expanding the capacity of the IC4 Canberra data centre “bunker”. It’s the beating heart of secure services to the Federal Government. Read more.

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A data centre built in Canberra for government.

Macquarie Government Intellicentres are smart data centres. Book in for a tour of our facilities now.