Macquarie Government: Our Next Chapter

September 5 2016, by Aidan Tudehope | Category: Government

I had the exciting pleasure in Canberra last month to launch our new Macquarie brands.

In particular, I was thrilled to introduce Macquarie Government, our new brand solely focused on our government agencies.

While we’ve been in Canberra for over a decade, launching Macquarie Government is a reflection of who we are now.

The new faces of the Macquarie Technology Group – Macquarie Government, Macquarie Cloud Services and Macquarie Telecom
– bring a special focus on the different groups of customers we serve.

Our Guiding Principle

The guiding principle of the broader business – the deep desire to make a difference – is still front and centre, as it has been since we started 23 years ago.

Our people embody that story.

They are the ones who for the whole life of the business have reinvented what we do to find new and creative ways to make a difference to our customers, day in and day out.

They are the ones who have earned us the highest performing customer services scores of any ASX listed business, as measured by our Net Promoter Score.

Macquarie Government Team

We’re here to make a difference.

Macquarie Government is our new voice for our public sector clients, but it is a business that stands on a strong foundation in Canberra.

We have built our credentials and earned the trust of governments the hard way – by delivering better services, meeting the special needs of government clients, and investing the capital to be able to do it, year after year.

Our Investment in Canberra & Australia

It is an investment in real rock solid infrastructure. We have invested over $100 million to build three great data centres, including our purpose built, secure “Intellicentre 4 Bunker” in Canberra.

The facility is ICON connected and designed to meet the stringent security needs of the Australian Government.

We have built up a team of around 400 Aussies, with over 180 being NV1 cleared engineers, all based here in Australia.

The time is right for us to create Macquarie Government because we understand this is a crucial and very exciting moment for governments, especially on the cyber security and on-line space.

We have been part of the story in Canberra in the past decade as policy makers wrestled with emerging technologies such as cloud computing, and we have done our bit to get the message out about the great digital transformation opportunity for governments.

Because we have been part of the conversation for so long, we understood that we needed to make the investment to allow that transformation to be done securely, efficiently and in ways that allow governments to keep control of Australian citizens data.

Tailored for Government

The communications and data needs of government are different to the needs of most businesses.

Citizens expect governments to protect their data to the highest standards, and we are determined to help governments give them confidence that they are doing the right things.

We have built the security credentials they need to securely embrace the cloud and all its benefits.

We put that investment on the ground and in our technologies, and as the Government cloud adoption wave continues to build, we are proving ourselves as the right partner to more and more agencies.

Macquarie Government brings a new focus to a team with a proud and successful story. It signals in the clearest way that our story as a trusted partner of Government has only just begun.



Macquarie Government, together with Macquarie Cloud Services and Macquarie Telecom form the Macquarie Technology Group, a publicly listed Australian company.  The three businesses reflect three different customer groups and needs.  All cloud computing products are available from all businesses.

Macquarie Government services 42% of Australian Government, and was the first Australian company on the ASD’s CCSL


Aidan Tudehope

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Aidan is co-founder of Macquarie Technology Group and has been a director since 1992. He is the Managing Director of Macquarie Government & Hosting Group and is invested in leading the contribution from the Australian industry on all matters Cloud & Cyber policy related.

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