Measure Success Of Hosting Providers

July 2 2014, by Ben Svalbe | Category: Technology Group
Ben Svalbe, Principal Technical Consultant, Macquarie Telecom

Ben Svalbe, Principal Technical Consultant, Macquarie Telecom

Authored by Ben Svalbe, Principal Technical Consultant

Once someone has made the decision to implement a data centre solution for a business or IT department, chances are that they will be asked to show the results (in terms of ROI) that led to that decision. It could simply be because of the need to implement a more cost-effective and robust hosting solution. At the other end of the spectrum, some clients have absolute granularity in a matrix of information to assess and measure against competitors. Either way, it is about the ability to develop metrics that illustrate whether or not your business has made the correct decision to use a particular hosting solution. Measure the success of hosting providers.

In line with business objectives over a given time period, clients must weigh criteria in relation to how critical they are for the IT footprint and associated projects. What really matters to the business? What problems should be prioritised? Some organisations care more about up-time, end-user experience, cost, or accreditation. It is key to understand the importance of each of those criteria relative to the business and then create a fair playing field to measure and compare them in the marketplace.

We often speak with clients who have created a system of measurement to compare vendors, but they have neglected to include elements for review that are critical to the success of an IT footprint moving forward. For example, looking at data centre services in isolation can be a completely different process from actually looking at the benefits that could be garnished from looking at all telecommunications and hosting services together. It may seem like a job that is too large to undertake, but looking at the situation holistically will result in larger gains in the long run.

When we receive the client’s list of requirements in the form of a granular technical questionnaire, we answer them using our knowledge libraries and thorough documentation. Once we have answered them to the customer’s satisfaction, we also have the ability to introduce additional insight by questioning why those measurements are important to them. In some cases, they may have missed other criteria that, in fact, could have greater benefit to their business and the managed network services.

If you would like to learn more about how Macquarie Telecom can help your organisation develop and assess effective performance metrics, contact us. We can then sit down and discuss your unique requirements.

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Ben is a Principal Consultant in our Macquarie Cloud Services business unit. Having worked on technical transformation and optimisation projects for hundreds (if not thousands) of Australian and global customers and prospects, Ben is there to help you find the right fit for your managed cloud services requirements, whether that’s based on single provider or hybrid-cloud architecture.

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