Podcast: The role of context and evidence in cybersecurity

April 19 2023, by James Rabey | Category: Government
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Click the above link to hear Corelight’s Jean Schaffer and Macquarie Government’s Catháir Kerr discuss the importance of evidence and context versus raw data in cybersecurity detection and response.

In an over thirty year career in US government cybersecurity, Jean Schaffer has both set and implemented many of the cybersecurity strategies we use today.
In her roles as director of the National Information Assurance Partnership and also as the Authorising Authority at the NSA, Jean made sure code and security products both did what they were supposed to do and didn’t lower the security posture of any of the networks they were deployed to.
Then as Chief of NSA’s enterprise networks and as Chief of IT for the Defence Intelligence Agency, Jean got the opportunity to put many of those strategies into practice.

Catháir Kerr has been working in cybersecurity for almost 20 years himself, across finance, civilian and defence. He now manages the Security Architecture team at Macquarie Government, responsible for building the cybersecurity products and services that are used by 42% of Australian government agencies.

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