Prime Minister Scott Morrison unveils 2020 Cyber Security Strategy.

August 6 2020, by Noad Auckburally | Category: Government
Scott Morrison, 2020 Cyber Security Strategy 2020

PM Scott Morrison & Hon Peter Dutton MP announces 2020 AU Cyber Security Strategy today. It’s all about securing Australia & the digital economy.

At a time when so many Australian’s are out of work, we need jobs and opportunities, and this strategy is a strong endorsement for building and buying local sovereign capabilities and jobs. Over the coming decade, Scott Morrison will increase federal spending on cyber security to $1.664bn, including initiatives to boost community awareness and preparedness and helping critical infrastructure providers assess vulnerability in their networks.

This includes additional funding for the Australian Federal Police to investigate and counter cyber threats, a public awareness campaign, and measures fortifying small and medium businesses, universities and households.

The government will also work with large businesses and service providers to improve the tools available to ensure firms have the capacity to block threats.

In a statement issued ahead of today’s announcement, the Prime Minister said the government needed to defend critical infrastructure and services from cyber-attacks, and support businesses to boost their capacity to withstand threats.

“We will continue to ensure agencies have the powers and capabilities they need to identify and disrupt threats to the safety of Australians – particularly children, the most vulnerable members of our community.”

You can find the 2020 Cyber Security Strategy  at

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