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Come see how we mix public cloud and private cloud in our data centre.

Macquarie Government can easily mix public cloud and private cloud in our data centre - come and see for yourself

Here's what we offer.

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Macquarie Government provide secure cloud to a number of government agencies and government departments across Australia
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Gateway to the public cloud.

With easy connections to the most common public clouds, locally and overseas, you can give your applications and IT staff options for your workloads. These direct connections reduce latency and provide LAN speed experiences to bring public cloud options into your hybrid environment.

Public cloud

Connecting your offices and data centres is a long term commitment and you can’t really afford to make mistakes.

But using just one carrier for everything limits your options.

Macquarie is the telco expert. We are connected to every carrier and technology, not only in Australia but overseas. We can give you choice. As a carrier, we can mix and match them to each of your sites and our data centres for the most efficient and cost effective design possible, yet still be your one bill and service contact.

So get Connected. Everywhere.

Macquarie has over 25 Points of Presence Australia wide, all of which form the backbone of our Data Network. We then interconnect to last mile or specific carriers to provide direct connection into customers offices or remote sites.

◾Complete Australia Coverage

◾Telstra ◾Optus ◾AAPT ◾NBN

◾New Zealand Coverage◾TNZ

◾City Area/CBD Additional Carriers◾Vocus Fibre ◾AAPT

◾Other Data Centre Location Fibre Providers ◾MegaPort

◾International ◾Global Carrier Interconnects in Sydney and Melbourne

Every Technology.

◾Ethernet Services up to 1Gbps ◾Leased Line up to 2MBps ◾ADSL Services up to 25Mbps ◾4G Mobile Services up to 80Mbs

And even more.

Combine NBN and 4G Mobile or ADSL to provide multi-carrier/multi-technology always on data services or build dual high-speed Ethernet accesses to your main office or critical locations.

◾Managed Router Devices  ◾ MPLS technology for integrated VOIP or SIP services ◾ Telephony or ISDN services over data

◾Local Internet offload ◾IPVPN/IPsec Remote Tunnel support for remote/home users

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Make the move to Hybrid IT. Without the headaches.

One click migration services.

With hundreds of applications accessed by thousands of users, moving to the cloud can be one of the most stressful tasks to undertake. Exporting, transporting, importing, restoring. This can take days (and even weeks).

We like to do it differently around here. Leveraging the power of replication, your migration is completed within a matter of moments with just a single click. To us, the journey’s overrated.

It's not magic. Migrations just done really well.


Some of the secret sauce is in the technology we deploy on-site. We replicate, test and migrate workloads with the click of a button. All this is managed by our dedicated migration teams, headed by our experienced project managers.


If you’re moving racks or physical servers, then we know all about transport, safety, insurance and everything in-between. We have long-term partners who specialise in lift-and-shift migrations.


How you get from A to B is fundamental to a successful migration. Short-term connectivity options make the journey painless.


Our project teams have many years of experience moving customers to the cloud. Our tools and processes provide a logical, predictable and low risk outcome each and every time.

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Thank you for contacting us.

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