We have become aware of an employment scam operating overseas that uses our name and offers work from home opportunities. Please note:

  • We do not interview candidates via Google hangouts;
  • We are not recruiting overseas;
  • We will never send you a cheque to deposit on our behalf;
  • Never agree to transfer money for someone else;
  • Always check that emails purporting to be from a company originate from their email domain.

Careers at Macquarie Government.

Careers at Macquarie Government are rewarding, dynamic and impactful. You’re part of a team that makes a difference to the government secure cloud hosting space.

Having the ability to make a real difference comes with a high level of responsibility and for some that’s just not what excites them. We spend a lot of time in interviews making sure you find out what we are and what we are not as it’s really important to us that we are just as good a fit for you, as you are for us!

We are looking for people who have a deep passion inside for making a difference. While on the outside you may be mild mannered or extraverted, it is what is underneath that matters … would you like to be part of something that you can influence or change. We understand that many people don’t have this inside them or other things going on in their lives have extinguished this, so we are probably not right for one another.

We are looking for people who have a track record of getting results. Many people coast along achieving just enough to keep their jobs in big companies, unfortunately we are not a good fit for each other. Like with any well run business we expect our people to keep achieving results. We will try hard to find the right seat on the bus for everyone where you can be more successful.

Successful careers at Macquarie Government are based on collaboration and teamwork. We look for people that demonstrate the ability to collaborate at work and outside of work.

If this sounds like you please reach out to discuss Macquarie Government careers.

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