Intellicentre (IC1, IC2, IC4)

Intellicentre is branded by Macquarie Government which they call as Intelligent Data Centres.

The IC1 data centre, the home of our Hosting Management Centre (HMC) engineers, was Macquarie Telecom’s first data centre based in Sydney. It offers Colocation, Smart-Hands and Feet, Data Networks, Cloud, Backup, and Disaster recovery.

The IC2 data centre is the most certified data centre in Australia and the first to achieve the Uptime Institute Tier III design certification. It’s located in Macquarie Park, NSW and built on a 20,000 sqm site which was opened by the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard in 2012.

And the Intellicentre 4 “IC4 Bunker” data centre was built for Federal Government secure internet gateways (SIG) and Secure Cloud Services (ASD Certified cloud platforms). It was purpose-built by Macquarie Telecom and it is in Canberra and on the Government’s fibre network (ICON).