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Government grade cybersecurity for the age of cloud and distributed workforce.

Managed Security Service Edge (SSE) diagramWe have partnered with Netskope® to provide a Security Service Edge solution tailored to the specific needs of government agencies.
Access the Secure Service Edge (SSE) classed as “Leader” by Gartner and IDC. Leverage the unique threat intel we generate protecting 42% of Commonwealth Government agencies’ internet.

Layered Security in the cloud.

  • Essential 8 Maturity Model | Macquarie Government


    Monitor & control which cloud applications can be used.

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    Prevent breaches by inspecting all data in-transit and at-rest.

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    Secure uses in any office, at home, or when travelling.

Secure cloud applications only, or all web sites.

Our Managed Security Service Edge (SSE) includes cloud application security by default, with an optional extension to any website.

  • Essential 8 Maturity Model | Macquarie Government

    Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

    Enforce your security policies on cloud applications, controlling what is blocked, alerted, bypassed, encrypted, quarantined or coached.

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    Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

    Extend CASB to any website, with URL filtering and categorizing. Stop users from accessing inappropriate or unauthorised sites.

Protect your data before and when in the cloud.

Both CASB and SWG include services that monitor and control data in-transit and at-rest.

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