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Chief Product & Operating Officer

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    We have chosen only to focus on Australian government. So we tune our security services for your agency.

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    One mistake can be critical. Security awareness and discipline are at our core.

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    We've invested tens of millions of dollars to build the right technology for Australian government including our purpose built Canberra data centre.

    And we continue to invest.
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    We've baked the ASD Information Security Manual (ISM) and global information security and risk management standards such as ISO27001 and ISO31000 into everything we do

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    We have 200+ engineers security cleared to government standards who have deep engagement with the national and international cyber security community.

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    If our years of experience tell us one thing, its that you need to continue to innovate to stay ahead of emerging threats.

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Macquarie Government offer threat detection for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks with ASD Top 35 Compliance for Australian government

Built to deliver ASD Top 35 Compliance and more.

The Australian Government has strong standards in place for cyber security; and we’re proud to ensure this is firmly incorporated into all the work we do with agencies. What we bring is more than just compliance, however. We allow agencies to adopt digital transformation and deliver services to citizens efficiently and safely. We also allow agencies to leverage our cyber security services when moving to cloud infrastructure.

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