Cyber Security Challenge, Cyber Resilience, the Role Of Insurance and the Challenge to Public/Private Definitions

August 29 2017, by Aidan Tudehope | Category: Government

Cyber Security challenging the Relationship between Government and the Private Sector

The cyber security challenge is testing the boundaries of our understanding of the relationship between government and the private sector, and cyber insurance could help bridge the gap. This was one of messages from Greg Treverton, one the world’s most respected security and intelligence experts, to an invited audience in Macquarie Technology Group’s Sydney home this month.

Prof. Greg Treverton, Former Chair National – Intelligence Council was Macquarie Government’s special guest for a series of meetings and events on cyber risk, insurance and the security picture.

Reflections on Australia’s Place in the Global Cyber Order

Greg was Macquarie’s special guest for a series of meetings and events, culminating in a panel discussion on cyber risk, cyber insurance, and the big international security picture moderated by Macquarie director Aidan Tudehope. He was joined on stage by Kelly Butler, Cyber Leader with insurance broker Marsh, and Karl Sullivan, GM Policy Risk and Disaster from the Insurance Council of Australia.

We are thrilled to be able to provide a video record of this very special event for those who were unable to make it.

About Macquarie Government: Macquarie Government is a division of the Macquarie Technology Group (ASX MAQ). It provides services to Federal and State Government agencies, including Secure Internet and Secure Cloud services.

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