Hybrid cloud doesn’t mean complicated security setup

June 21 2017, by Aidan Tudehope | Category: Government

Hybrid cloud security setups

We all know cloud is a fantastic and cost effective enabler of flexible IT deployments, but not at the risk (and ultimate cost) of short cutting the security considerations. Many agencies have opted to use public clouds such as Amazon web services (AWS), Microsoft 360, and Azure or a mix of them. Most government agencies have implemented Secure Internet Gateways to further secure their information from cyber threats. So how do you extend the high security of your in-house deployment and Secure Internet Gateways to your external cloud solutions?

Public cloud service providers offer a broad range of flexible services, for non-secure and non-critical data needs. However, most agencies require secure, reliable inter-connectivity between their in-house platforms to their solutions deployed in the cloud. Further, you also need to ensure that the security layer across the multiple clouds is in line with the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) guidelines. Macquarie Government works within the ISM guidelines to provide hybrid cloud security for government agencies.

Macquarie Government provide hybrid cloud security (hybridcloudsecurity) to secure government hybrid hosting in our secure hybrid data centre
Macquarie Government support public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. We provide hybrid cloud security using our Secure Internet Gateway to keep Government agency data safe.

Some of the key challenges for cloud security

The feedback from our customers have identified some key challenges for securing cloud deployment including :

  • Security: Maintaining and extending your security zone into the public cloud is one of the biggest challenges for agencies. Conforming to ISM guidelines is paramount even if using the public cloud for non-critical data.
  • Performance: Not all public clouds behave the same, especially when using public internet for connectivity to in-house platforms. This raises a big question mark on reliability, throughput and latency, to be able to run time sensitive applications effectively.
  • Management: multiple public clouds means a multi layered management. Multiple management systems, multiple access, different capabilities – just to ensure the desired level of scalability, efficiency and high quality user experience.

The good news is that there is an easy solution to overcome these challenges by using a Secure Cloud Exchange platform that extends your in-house security standards and brings together multiple public clouds and hybrid clouds.

Use a Secure Cloud Exchange platform

When using public clouds, agencies should consider using a cloud exchange platform such as Macquarie Government’s Secure Cloud Exchange (SCE). Built to ISM guidelines, it offers simplicity via direct connectivity to popular public clouds – AWS, Office 365 and Azure. A dedicated path for accessing multiple clouds means you achieve high throughput and consistency of performance. Coupled with a ASD certified Secure Internet Gateway, Secure Cloud Exchange keeps your data safe while navigating between different clouds. It also provides secure connectivity between your network and public clouds, that doesn’t traverse the internet, hereby reducing your threat surface area.

Secure Cloud Exchange helps extend your ISM security fabric into the public cloud environment. Optional security “add-ons” such as intrusion prevention, IPsec etc, are also available. This offers you building blocks to add extra levels of security when you need them.

So if you are looking to use public clouds, multi clouds and hybrid clouds, consider bringing them together, over Macquarie Government’s Secure Cloud Exchange. Capitalise on the benefits of the public cloud without their inherent security risks.

About Macquarie Government: Macquarie Government is a division of the Macquarie Technology Group (ASX MAQ). It provides services to Federal and State Government agencies, including Secure Internet and Secure Cloud services.

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