Our New Canberra Home

May 29 2017, by Aidan Tudehope | Category: Government

This week we move into our new Canberra home for Macquarie Government in the heart of Canberra at level 12, 221 London Circuit Civic from where our view – both literal and metaphorical is far and wide.

Our outlook for the business is just as expansive as the Canberra vista. Our new dig is not the only real estate upgrade and investment that we’ve done of late. In fact our new and bigger Canberra office home builds on the expansion to our Canberra Data Centre (Intellicentre 4 Bunker (IC4)) completed earlier this year.

Macquarie Government - a new Canberra home for the secure government cloud hosting and cloud services specialists
Macquarie Government – a new Canberra home for the secure government cloud hosting team.

Local Investment

The growth in our real estate footprint in Canberra is happening because of the successes we are delivering to our Federal Government customers. Over the last year, we’ve launched a raft of products and improvements off the back of the core Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) competency.

This reflects the outstanding growth in awareness of the importance of Cyber Security – both as a risk and an opportunity for the public sector. The demand for expertise from and in partnership with the private sector grows by the day. Macquarie Government is there step by step with Government Agencies and Departments. Our eye to the future is also evident in our support of our scholarships at WSU, now in its second year, it supports the cyber experts of tomorrow.

Put all of these initiatives together and they reflect a confident future and an exciting time to be at Macquarie Government.

But finally, what are the themes that got us to this optimistic market vantage point? I think we can distil a few particular Macquarie Government characteristics that have served us well – tenacity, flexibility, perseverance, collaboration and focus to make a difference. But perhaps most of all, our commitment to Canberra, with local investments, local people and local developed solutions, including our local ASD certified Cloud (CCSL).

And these things are in our Group DNA.  “Hard baked” like the security credentials in our Government services.

Thank you

So as we settle in to the bright and airy surroundings here at 221 London Circuit, I want to especially thank our Team on the great work over recent years. And to our customers, thank you for your support and collaboration. Looking ahead, I assure you that the opportunity for us all is as bright as the new view from atop Civic – and we can all see that there is plenty of blue sky for us all in Canberra.


Aidan Tudehope

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Aidan is co-founder of Macquarie Technology Group and has been a director since 1992. He is the Managing Director of Macquarie Government & Hosting Group and is invested in leading the contribution from the Australian industry on all matters Cloud & Cyber policy related.

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